Carl Vine's recent music is published by Faber Music, London.
Music written before 1994 is generally published by Wise Music Group, London.
Earlier work is published by the Australian Music Centre.
Most music for theatre and media is self-published.

Faber Music publish the following works by Carl Vine:
Advance Australia Fair (National Anthem)   [buy]
Anne Landa Preludes (The)   [buy]
Arrival of Implacable Gifts (The)   [buy]
Atlanta Olympics, 1996 (Flag Hand-over Ceremony)   [buy]
Celebrare Celeberrime (an orchestral fanfare)   [buy]
Cello Concerto   [buy]
Choral Symphony (Symphony No. 6)   [buy]
Concerto for Orchestra   [buy]
Concord   [buy]
Descent (Metropolis: the Workers' View)   [buy]
Dreams Undreamt (an orchestral concert overture)
Enchanted Loom, The (Symphony No 8)   [buy]
Endless (guitar quintet)
Esperance   [buy]
Fantasia (for piano quintet)   [buy]
Five Bagatelles   [buy]
Five Hallucinations (Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra)   [buy]
Five Intermezzi   [buy]
Gaijin   [buy]
Gothic Fantasy
Gravity Road (an orchestral tone poem)   [buy]
Harbour Reverie (string quartet)   [buy]
Harbour Reverie (arr.) (violin and piano)   [buy]
Implacable Gifts (concerto for two pianos and orchestra)   [buy]
Inner World   [buy]
Mythologia   [buy]
Oboe Concerto   [buy]
Our Sons (a cantata for solo soprano and strings)   [buy]
Percussion Symphony (Symphony No. 5)   [buy]
Piano Concerto No. 1   [buy]
Piano Concerto No. 2   [buy]
Piano Sonata No. 2   [buy]
Piano Sonata No. 3   [buy]
Piano Sonata No. 4   [buy]
Pipe Dreams (concerto for flute and strings)   [buy]
Planet of Doom Theme (a children's anthem)   [buy]
Poets and Fighters (The Slope)   [buy]
Prologue and Canzona   [buy]
Rash   [buy]
Red Blues (four intermediate piano pieces)   [buy]
Ring Out, Wild Bells   [buy]
Smith's Alchemy   [buy]
Soliloquy   [buy]
Sonata for Flute and Piano   [buy]
Sonata for Piano Four Hands   [buy]
String Quartet No. 3   [buy]
String Quartet No. 4   [buy]
String Quartet No. 5   [buy]
String Quartet No. 6 (Child's Play)   [buy]
String Quintet   [buy]
Strutt Sonata   [buy]
Symphony No. 5   [buy]
Symphony No. 6   [buy]
Symphony No. 7 ("scenes from daily life")   [buy]
Symphony No. 8
The Tree of Man (a secular cantata)   [buy]
The Tree of Man (arr.) (a secular cantata, string sextet version)   [buy]
The Village (Piano Trio)   [buy]
Then and Now   [buy]
They Shall Laugh and Sing (Psalm 65)   [buy]
Three Pomegranates   [buy]
Toccatissimo   [buy]
Tribe's Desire (an arrangement of String Quartet no 5)   [buy]
V (an orchestral fanfare)   [buy]
Verbum Caro Factum Est   [buy]
Violin Concerto   [buy]
Wonders (Who learns my lesson complete?)   [buy]
XX   [buy]
Zofomorphosis (concerto for piano four hands)
Carl's recent music may be hired or purchased directly from Faber Music. Works listed here include direct links for on-line purchase when available. Works for more than four instruments are only available on hire.

Faber Music has an online music store providing many of Carl's scores for download or physical purchase.

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Wise Music Group publish the following works by Carl Vine:
After Campion   [buy]
Aria (text by Patrick White)   [buy]
Aria (piano version) (text by Patrick White)   [buy]
Café Concertino   [buy]
Concerto Grosso   [buy]
Defying Gravity   [buy]
Elegy   [buy]
Harmony in Concord   [buy]
Legend Suite   [buy]
Love Song   [buy]
MicroSymphony (Symphony No. 1)   [buy]
Miniature III   [buy]
Miniature IV   [buy]
Percussion Concerto   [buy]
Piano Sonata No. 1   [buy]
String Quartet No. 2   [buy]
Symphony No. 1   [buy]
Symphony No. 2   [buy]
Symphony No. 3   [buy]
Symphony No. 4.2 (revised 1998)   [buy]
Wise Music Group: web site

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Most scores published by the Wise Music Group are available online through MusicRoom.com.

Australian Music Centre publish the following works by Carl Vine:
A Christmas Carol   [buy]
A Farewell to Music
Battlers (The) (Television mini-series)   [buy]
Curios   [buy]
Everyman's Troth   [buy]
Images   [buy]
Knips Suite (String Quartet No. 1)   [buy]
Love Me Sweet (song from "The Battlers")   [buy]
Miniature I (Peace)   [buy]
Miniature II   [buy]
Occasional Poetry   [buy]
On s'angoisse (song from the ballet "Poppy")   [buy]
Scene Shift   [buy]
Sinfonia   [buy]
Slow Movement, Bach Clavier Concerto BWV1056 (arranged by Carl Vine)
Suite from Hate   [buy]
The Tempest (ballet)   [buy]
AMC: web site    email: info@australianmusiccentre.com.au

The Australian Music Centre is funded by the Australian Government to promote and disseminate the music of Australian Composers. They are also distributors for CSM, Program Promotions and ASTRA compact discs.

Within Australia, performance material and recordings of Carl Vine's music by several publishers are available through the Australian Music Centre.

PO Box N690
Grosvenor Place
Sydney NSW 1220
tel +61 2 9935 7805
tel (+61) 1300 651 834

The following works are published by the composer:
3 BBC Exercises
A Hard God (play by Peter Kenna)
Array (4BW)
Beauty & The Beast
Bedevil (feature film)
Daisy Bates
Donna Maria Blues
Dreamers (The) (play adaptation by Andrew Simon)
Dunstan Documentaries (The) (TV Documentary)
Ham Funeral (The) (play by Patrick White)
Heavy Metal
Incident at Bull Creek
Intimations of Mortality
Kisses Remembered
Kondallila Mix
Marriage Acts (music for telemovie)
Master Builder (The) (play by Henrik Ibsen)
Missing Film
New Sky (mime by Judith Anderson)
Night on Bald Mountain (play by Patrick White)
On The Edge
Potato Factory (The) (television miniseries)
Shepherd On The Rocks (play by Patrick White)
Signal Driver (play by Patrick White)
Tape Piano Piece
The Tempest (incidental) (play by William Shakespeare)
URN (short film)
What Comes After Why? (short film)
White Fella's Dreaming (A Century of Australian Cinema)
Self-published works are generally not available for distribution. For more information contact the Australian Music Centre (details immediately above).

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