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flute, cello, trombone, piano (4h), organ, percussion (4h), org
duration 7:30  © 1985 Wise Music Group
Performed by Flederman on the Tall Poppies CD Carl Vine: Chamber Music Volume 1
Performed by Flederman on the Canberra School of Music CD Anthology of Australian Music on Disc

sample performed by Flederman (1987)
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Program Note:

Elegy was written for and is dedicated to Peter Harthoorn, a friend who died without warning in early 1985. The work is cast in a single movement with the following four sections : (i) reaction, (ii) reflection, (iii) rhythmic explosion, (iv) elegy proper.

The "reaction" is my own response to the news of Peter's death. The "reflection" is in part a resumé of Peter's character and life, leading to the cathartic "explosion" of both death and its acceptance.

Elegy was commissioned by the contemporary music group Flederman with financial assistance form the Music Board of the Australia Council.

Elegy, an elegantly proportional act of remembrance . . . in which each gesture made its point in its own space. [Andrew Clements, London Financial Times, July 19, 1988] ... Carl Vine's Elegy had the trombone blasting its thrice-repeated chorale melody through hectic and heavy outbursts of organ and percussion. If meant to shock, it succeeded, presenting grief raw and unashamed, but the voice is a confident one, unencumbered by European doubts and inhibitors. [Robert Maycock,The Independent (UK), July 18, 1988] The true human voice speaking out this emotional farewell to a dead friend is readily understood and recorded. This is living music, spontaneous in its immediate communication and yet highly individual in its mode of expression. [Hans Forst, The Australian, Oct 21, 1986]

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